Where the donation goes?

4Ever40 Sisterhood Association, Inc. started in May of 2013 with 13 members including officers, in ground ZERO (no money at all).  Each officers paid $30 for 1 year membership and $20 for the members. Our 1st deposit (Deposit Log 001-12) of June 12, 2012 amount to $350 only.

We concentrate in recruiting members  and doing some FUN EVENTS to generate fund for the organization.   Some generated funds was used to pay for the Licenses to start the business such as : Department of State (To incorporate 4Ever40) and Department of Agriculture for solicitation.

In January 2013, 4Ever40 was so blessed to be given a Pro-Bono lawyer by the Community Law Program to assist us in filing up the application for our 501(c)3 Tax Exempt.

In June 2013, we decided to make 4Ever40 Sisterhood Association a non-membership organization, and it is going to be run by the 13 Board of Directors including the 7 Officers.  We held an election for the 13 Board of Directors in June 15, 2013 at Cove Cay Country Club.

70% of the net income from our  events goes to our mission – Empowering women through education to become self-sufficient.

30% of the net income from our events goes to Administrative Expenses such as : Office Supplies, Equipments, Postage, Advertisements and etc.

4Ever40 001