Empowering women through education to become self-sufficient



4Ever40 Sisterhood Association, Inc. is a recognized US public charity, registered under section 501(c) 3 of the IRS code and was incorporated on September 13, 2012 as non-profit public benefit corporation in the state of Florida. This organization was formed by Asian empowered women to promote  unity, friendship, and common goals.  We share interests, experiences, knowledge and skills through social events and networking systems.  Our purpose is to motivate, encourage and to provide leadership in children and women’s education, advocacy and research.  Our main goals are: To inspire women and girls everywhere in the USA to finish their education and provide scholarship to poor children in remote areas in the Philippines  to become self-sufficient.


sisterhoodhouseSISTERHOOD HOUSE is our haven for depressed women (widowed or divorced)it’s a place to  fellowship with each other and with happily functioning women.  It’s not just food that we are sharing, but also conversation, memories prayer & laughter, where we can have a feeling of happiness and self belongingness being around our sisterhood.  This way we encourage other women to become empowered and share their ideas and experiences. All for a good cause.