Empowering women and girls through education anywhere in the USA and to provide scholarship to poor children in the remote areas in the Philippines to become self-sufficient


What is “Akbay” means? It’s a term – putting an arm around somebody’s shoulder it’s  like a support.  And “Pag-asa” means HOPE.  Therefore, “Akbay Pag-Asa” is supporting someone and giving hope to finish their education.

Deparo Caloocan City, Philippines  October 28, 2016 -we interviewed almost 200 children applicants asking for financial assistance to finish their education.  They need “baon, pamasahe and allowances for their projects” which are the main concern of each applicants.  Their parents are very poor, some are sick and orphans.  Each one of these children has its own story to tell that will move your heart.  Hopeless feeling from each children that we interviewed.  Some of them go to school without eating, and others they walk miles and miles just to attend the class.

4Ever40 approved the 1st 20 applicants for these program giving each student 50 pesos a day (equivalent to $1.25/a day) for 6 days.  Yes, it’s 6 days and not 5 because we required these students to attend the church every Sunday before getting their allowance to  have a spiritual guidance and learn how to value and be thankful for the wonderful opportunity of HOPE from the allowances that they are going to receive every week to sustain their financial expenses for the school.

Each child a month will received $25 and $300 every year.  Be a part of a big change in the life of others…SUPPORT THE AKBAY PAG-ASA PROGRAM!  Donate and share your blessing as God blesses you all the time.