Getting To Know You~Tea Pot Party


Getting To Know You~Tea Pot Party is our 1st “Team Building” event for 2014.  To build confidence, sportsmanship and camaraderie to develop a strong sisterhood.  It is welcome to all new and old members of 4Ever40.

I introduced the "MM Board" Marvelous Me

I introduced the “MM Board” Marvelous Me

 “Marvelous Me” is the 1st part of our Team Building event program held on January 26th at Cove Cay Country Club.  I grouped my sisters into 5   in each round table.  We prepared hot tea for them to drink.  I had a bowl of “MM’s chocolate where all my sisters will scoop one teaspoon of these chocolates with different colors.  Each color correspond to a question pertaining themselves.  Example- if they get RED, they have to tell a short story about their childhood, etc.  Each sister will remember what other sisters told them about themselves because at the end of the game there will be a question and answer contest.  This is a FUN PROGRAM where everyone participated.  It aroused their curiosity of knowing things about other sisters, to inspire them to build self confidence, sportsmanship and camaraderie that will build a strong sisterhood.

The 2nd part of this team building event program is the “DRESSING ME UP CHEERIOS”, where 3 teams competed with each others.  They dressed up their models using creape papers and cheerios cereals.